The information in your credit report has a huge impact on whether you qualify for a mortgage and the interest rate a lender offers. If you're preparing to buy a home in the next 120 days, checking your credit report is the best way to ensure you get the loan and interest rate you desire. It’s important to correct any errors you discover as soon as possible because errors affect your eligibility for credit now and in the future.



New Threshold Mortgage is pleased to offer Mortgage PreFlight. The link below is a secure method for you to obtain your FICO scores and Credit Radar Analysis for $31.00.  In seconds you will have a wealth of data that will assist you in the mortgage process.  The minimal cost is disclosed prior to your request. 

New Threshold Mortgage will obtain your credit report data and contact you to provide the information and  review the necessary steps needed to get mortgage funding. This is the first step in making an educated decision about your strategy for obtaining home ownership. Click on the link below to begin. THIS THE MOST ACCURATE DATA FOR A MORTGAGE APPLICATION AND CAN BE USED FOR A MORTGAGE APPLICATION FOR 120  DAYS.


This is the best option if you don't want to spend the money or you don't feel it is necessary to get your credit scores quite yet.  You can obtain a free credit report annually by contacting each of the bureaus. The reports will not contain your credit scores for free, but for a nominal fee, they will each provide them.

The scores, however, will not necessarily be accurate for a mortgage.  From my understanding, different algorithms apply for different credit uses, i.e. credit card, car loan, or mortgage company; however, this is a great way to get the report to review for any line-by-line errors.