First, determine your maximum loan amount -

Once we have spoken about taxes, insurance, different scenarios and an ideal payment, use the mortgage calculators under Purchasing (link above) to determine a comfortable price range. Since I know the lenders' guidelines, I can give you a good idea of how much you can borrow after a short conversation, but playing with it on the calculators gives you the freedom to ask the questions that you may be apprehensive asking me. 

Next, choose between Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval -

This is where the rubber meets the road and you save by being prepared. If you are on the fence as to how you would like to proceed, please review the webpage "Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval" under the Purchasing link above. If you decide to progress to Pre-Approval, when you pull your credit report through New Threshold and begin the online application, a secure private website is created for all your loan documents.

Full Mortgage Application -

You have choices.  We can meet, talk on the phone or apply through my website.  If you chose the latter, click Apply Now for your personal website and an upload location for your secure document transmission. You  can complete the VERY short loan application, or chose to do the more thorough long application.  It couldn't be easier, and you can apply online. I can make either work though be prepared for a phone call after the short application.  Supply information on your employment, asset, credit report and residence history. The letter gives you buying clout and adds strength to any offer presented, especially in a seller's market.

Finally, find your new home!  

If you haven't done it already, once you have made an offer and it's been accepted, you will "officially" apply for the loan.  After the seller has accepted your offer and you have inspected the property, we'll order the title work and appraisal on your new home.


By choosing your mortgage team wisely, there are fewer step for you in this process because you have picked a competent team you can trust.  We take care of the mortgage legwork so you can focus on finding the new home that's right for you. Let's get to closing quickly and seamlessly!

Have questions about the loan process? Call Elizabeth at 678-467-2330. It's my job to answer finance questions, so I'm happy to help.

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